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The PicBox LLC send all of their camerboxes in custom branded The PicBox brown mailers.

Order & Ship

Ordering The PicBox is simple! We package our cameras to meet your exact needs and ship them straight to your door!

Plan & Prepare

When you receive The PicBox, we include a list of ideas on what to capture during your event. This allows your to plan and know how to capture every moment!

Have Fun!

As much as we want you to capture every captivating moment, we also want you to have fun doing it!

Return to Us

After your event, gather all of the cameras and send them back to us. Once we receive them, then we start to develop all of your photos.

Colt Walker Art editing The PicBox LLC clients photos.

Our Magic

This is where we transform your event photos into a work of art! With a little bit of love and attention, we recreate stunning images for you to share in color and black and white.

Our Process

With our easy, stress-free process you will be able to capture your memories and receive them back developed with each image processed through a full treatment of professional lighting adjustments, and retouching. See how it works below!

**Disclaimer Reminder- Photos taken without flash may result in a black result and unable to be edited

Photography Reimagined. Memories Redefined.

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